4th graders in steam lab

As a reminder, there will be no school for students on Monday, January 16th. During the past week and into next week, students will engage in lessons and discussions honoring the life and legacy of Dr. King including his focus on civil rights, equality, and peace. 

During January, students in grades K-5 will be administered the winter benchmark of our Aimsweb Screener. This assessment tool allows us to gain additional information about our students while informing personalized instruction and tiered interventions. 

Over the holidays it seems that many students received a gift of an Apple Watch or another type of digital watch. As a reminder, if you allow your child(ren) to wear these watches to school please remind them that they are not allowed to use them during class for games, photos, texting, etc. We have noticed an increase in these actions which are causing a distraction to the child wearing the watch, the rest of the class, and instruction and learning in general. If you need to contact your child please call the main office rather than texting him/her or wait until 3:20. Teachers will ask the student to place the watch in his/her backpack and will contact you if it is being used inappropriately in school. 

With the colder weather, many students are starting to wear boots to school but are not packing a pair of sneakers on PE days. For student safety and so they can fully participate in PE, Ms. Paton would like to remind parents to pack a pair of sneakers for students on PE days. 


Security signage has recently been placed on all exterior doors at Coolidge School. These signs remind parents, students, and staff to not open any doors for visitors and to not “prop” open exterior doors. Parents are reminded to not hold the door open for anybody as they enter the front door, even if it is a familiar face. All visitors must be buzzed in by front office staff and accounted for. Thank you for your cooperation. 


January is awards time in the library world because they announce the winner of the Caldecott Award (and other awards). The Caldecott Award goes to the best illustrations in a children's book. In Media, the students will be studying contenders for the award and analyzing the illustrations. Who do they want to win? Who will win? We will have to wait until January 30th to find out!


Just before our Holiday break art classes made snowflakes of all kinds.  Kindergarten combined shapes to make snowflakes. 1st-3rd grade made a traditional folded paper snowflake increasing in detail and folds as grade levels increased. 4th grade created snowflakes on special paper using a watercolor resist technique and finally, our fifth graders used paper lunch bags to create large three-dimensional snowflakes.


Stay Connected with Your Child's Learning! Here is the brochure.

The Wyckoff Connected Parent Series offers a variety of dynamic learning opportunities to stay connected with what your child is doing in the classroom. Many of these offerings are specifically designed to help you understand the rationale behind the educational experiences your child encounters on a daily basis. Many sessions will also give you the opportunity to work alongside your child as you explore, dream, imagine, and learn together. Attending these sessions will help you develop meaningful conversations with your elementary or middle school child. Please come to explore all of the academic opportunities that the district has to offer.


1/16/23- No School- Martin Luther King, Jr. Day/Staff Professional Development Day

2/20-2/24- Schools Closed for Winter Break


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