coolidge students enjoying the harvest festival

A huge thank you to the Coolidge PTO for organizing a fun Harvest Festival on Friday afternoon. Thank you to the Harvest Festival chairs and all of the volunteers who helped out in some way to help us celebrate as a school community. 


As a reminder, we are required to code absences due to vacation as unexcused and must report it as such as part of our official reporting for Coolidge School to the New Jersey Department of Education. Additionally, teachers are not able to provide work or assignments for students who are out of school due to family vacations. Please keep the above in mind when planning vacations. 

Additionally, whenever possible, please schedule appointments (doctor, dental, etc.) for your child(ren) outside of school hours. By all means, you are welcome to pick up our child(ren) when needed. However, we have seen an increase in children being signed out during school hours which causes a disruption in learning for the individual child and for the class as a whole. 


Our Halloween Parade will take place at 2:30 pm on 10/31. As there will be a lot of parents on hand, please be sure to plan enough time so you can park safely and legally. Once the lot is filled you will need to park in the streets adjacent to the school. Please be considerate of our neighbors on these streets. 

K-1 students may wear their costumes to school in the morning. Students in grades 2-5 are asked to bring their costumes to school and change into them after lunch. If it is easier for 2-5 students to wear part of their costume to school that is fine as long as they are able to safely navigate around. 

Class parents will be joining classrooms at some point during the day to engage the students with a fun game, activity, or craft. No food will be served in school. We ask parents not to send in any treats or goodie bags (edible or non-edible) with their children as teachers are not permitted to distribute those to the students.


Minimum Days for Parent/Teacher Conferences- 11/2 and 11/16

Fourth Grade Field Trip- 11/17


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