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I hope everyone has had a great summer so far! As the start of the new school year draws near, I wanted to provide you with some updates and important information. 

Additionally, please join me in welcoming our Kindergarten students and our new students to Coolidge School. Go Cougars!

We are using a new provider for our District/School website and are excited about the new platform. Some pages are still being updated and formatted so please be patient during this transition time.

There is still time to foster some of those great reading habits. Click here to access our summer reading lists as well as our reading resource document.


Parents will be able to access class placement for their child(ren) via the Genesis Parent Portal beginning after 3:00 PM this Friday, August 26th after they complete their child/children’s respective school form. ALL parents must log on and fill out the respective school form for each child (CCE Form is for Coolidge School) prior to being able to see their child’s homeroom teacher (or schedules at the middle school). The form must be completely filled out and submitted for ALL children prior to viewing any tabs on Genesis.  New families should have received an email from the Genesis Help Desk regarding setting up their parent portal login information.  If you did not receive this email or have any difficulty logging into Genesis please contact the helpdesk at Genesis HelpDesk:

This school year, the elementary schools have adjusted building schedules to better meet the academic, physical, social, and emotional needs of all of our learners. We are excited for the changes, which include a dedicated period for intervention and small group instruction in core academic subject areas during the school day for all K-5 students. Also, in order to promote healthy physical activity, students will now receive an additional period of Physical Education each week, in addition to Media, Art, and Music. Finally, our enhanced schedule provides a Technology class once weekly to all students in grades K-5, and a World Language class once every other week to all students in grades K-5. 

Kindergarten Orientation will take place on Wednesday, September 1st from 2:00-3:00. Parents and students should meet on the "upper blacktop" on the left side of the school just prior to 2:00. Students will go with their teacher and classmates to their classroom while parents will meet with Mr. Famularo.

Students new to Coolidge School are invited to our "buddy day" orientation on Wednesday, September 1st at 11:00 AM. During this time students will take part in a fun activity with a new classmate and will tour the school. If you have any questions or have not received information about this please reach out to our school counselor Mrs. Mapes at 

Parents may want to view our Parent/Student Handbook and Code of Conduct on our website.


If you ordered school supplies through the PTO, those supplies will be delivered directly to your home. Please reach out to the PTO with any questions. If you did not order supplies and would like to review the supply list please click here to access the list on our website. Please note, supplies for Kindergarten students are provided by the school.


I would like to welcome our new teachers to Coolidge School! Ms. Christina Mitas in 5th grade, Miss Kassidy O'Connor in Kindergarten,  Miss Carly Reitano in PE (part-time at Coolidge), and Mrs. Ellen Grosfelt as an aide in KO. Here are the grade level staffing rosters:

Kindergarten: Mrs. Britting, Miss O'Connor, Mrs. Semendinger, Mrs. Visbeen

1st Grade: Mrs. Auxter Mrs. Barone, Mrs. Raval

2nd Grade: Mrs. Aloia, Mrs. Garcia, Mrs. Magna

3rd Grade: Miss Dulmage, Ms. Fournier, Ms. Sangiorgi

4th Grade: Mrs. Doughan, Mrs. Kang, Mrs. Ten Kate

5th Grade: Ms. Jones, Ms. Mitas


Kindergarten Orientation- 9/1 2:00 PM

New Student Buddy Day- 9/1 11:00 AM

First Day of School- 9/6 (minimum day 1:05 dismissal)

School Picture Day- 9/20 (more information to follow)

Back to School Night- 9/20- 6:30 PM (format to follow)


Visit our website for Friday Folder Handouts

Visit the Coolidge PTO's website for handouts and PTO-related information. 


Students should arrive at school between 8:35-8:50. Students will not be permitted to enter the building prior to 8:35 unless for a scheduled class or program as there will not be supervision available at that time. Upon arrival at school, students will report directly to their classroom doors where they will line up until entering the classroom. See drop-off procedures below, but typically students in grades K-2 will enter via the front entrance, and students in grades 3-5 will enter via the back doors by the baseball field. For safety and security reasons, parents are not permitted to enter the school with their children at this time. The late bell sounds at 8:50. Any student arriving after that time should enter via the main entrance and report to the main office for a late pass.


If you have a K-2 student you may use the front circle for drop-off. You can drop off your older child here as well as long as you have a K-2 student. Students should exit quickly from the right side of their cars. Exiting the car on the left-hand side is dangerous and slows traffic. Students will enter school via the main entrance and report directly to their classroom doors. The goal is to keep traffic flowing. Cars should continually move up. When exiting our parking lot, all traffic must turn right towards Wyckoff Avenue.


Our main parking lot (along the gym on route 208 side) should be used for drop-off for students in grades 3-5. It is important that students are ready to exit vehicles from the right-hand side. Exiting the car on the left-hand side is dangerous and slows traffic. The goal is to keep traffic flowing. Students will enter the school via the doors by the baseball field and will walk to their classroom doors.  When exiting our parking lot, all traffic must turn right towards Wyckoff Avenue.


Please use common sense and make safety a PRIORITY when driving on our side streets and parking lot at dismissal. Let's all be courteous to each other and our neighbors who live on the side streets adjacent to Coolidge School. For safety reasons, our main parking lot will be CLOSED when the parking lot reaches capacity. Cones will be placed at the parking lot entrance indicating that the lot is full. Please plan accordingly and do not try to circumvent this rule. Depending on the time of year and the weather, the lot may be closed by 2:45 and at other times will never get closed. Please do not enter the front circle or staff parking lot after 2:45 pm. This presents a safety hazard and is disrespectful to those following the rules. 

Grade K-1 students will be dismissed from the “upper blacktop” doors.

Grade 2 students will be dismissed from the main entrance doors.

Grade 3 students will be dismissed from the doors by the back baseball field.

Grade 4-5 students will be dismissed from the “lower blacktop” doors.