"App"ealing math!

iPad Apps

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Grades K-1
Monkey Math School Sunshine- counting, addition and subtraction, shapes- monkey makes fun sounds!
Number Bond Blasters - practice number bonds (+, -)
TouchMath Adventures: Touching/Counting
TouchMath Adventures: Jungle Addition
Hungry Fish - addition and subtraction
Little Numbers- trace numbers
Playful Minds 5-8 - counting, patterns, matching, number order, graphing, more/less, and larger/smaller
Grow Your Garden -math facts in a fun format
Squeebles Fractions-simple fractions with cakes
Hungry Guppy - basic addition and subtraction

Grades 2-3
Number Bond Blasters - practice number bonds (+, -, x, /)
TouchMath: Jungle Addition
Playful Minds 5-8 - addition, subtraction, patterns, and telling time
Jungle Time - learn to tell time
Mystery Math Town - follow a ghost through town to save fireflies by doing math
Bubble Add - pop bubbles to solve addition facts
Math Maniac-combine numbers to equal the given number.
Cash Cow - fun with money
Squeebles Fractions - simple fractions with cakes
Fractions Smart Pirate-practice adding, comparing, and finding equivalents of fractions.
Number Bonds - addition and subtraction to 99 by Crystal Springs Books
Number Zoo - multiplication facts
Crackers and Goo - multiplication logic
Singapore Math Bar Models

Grades 4-5
Any Motion Math game
Motion Math: Zoom - using animals students practice place value from thousands to thousandths
Motion Math: Fractions - practice comparing, estimating, converting and plotting on a number line
Fractions Smart Pirate - practice adding, comparing, and equivalence of fractions
Math Maniac - combine numbers to equal the given number
King of Math - improve your math by racing around solving problems
Singapore Math Bar Models

All ages:
Splash Math - math for all ages
Math Blaster: Hyperblast 2HD - ride your Hypercycle through space while doing facts
Operation Math - speed drills in a fun setting (+, -, x, /)
Math Evolve - arcade style game to practice all facts
Mathmateer - build a rocket while practicing facts
AB Math - mental math for practicing facts
Math Bingo - practice facts in an engaging way
Marble Math-solve math as you roll a marble through mazes

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